Chamomile Tea – 20 Great Health Benefits And 3 Reasons Not To Drink It

Chamomile tea is considered a cure for almost any disease by the Egyptians, an herbal tea that has been drunk for hundreds of years and is popular in the frenzied Twenty-First Century today.

Research in England has shown that this delicious tea can relieve a large variety of diseases, supporting the use of chamomile tea as an ancient remedy. Those who participated in this research study were found to have significantly increased urinary levels of borates. This is caused by the decomposition of phenols (plant compounds), some of which are associated with an increase in antibacterial activity. Supports this evidence the theory that chamomile tea boosts the immune system, among its other possible.

(Please note that there was a limited number of studies on this topic, so this information is intended only as a guide and not a substitute for medical advice.)

20 possible benefits of chamomile & baked chicken livers

Anxiety and sleep

1. Relieves anxiety-use lower doses
2. Relieves nerves-chamomile capsules can be used for people with mild to moderate general anxiety disorder (GAD)
3. Promote sleep, help with insomnia – use higher doses

Colds and throat

4. Helps with colds in the chest
5. Helps with sore throat
6. Fights infections associated with colds

Children’s conditions

7. Colic
8. Diaper rash
9. Chickenpox

Digestive health

10. Helps gas
11. Stomach cramps
12. Irritable bowel syndrome
13. Diarrhea
14. Indigestion – often found with mint to aid digestion

Diabetes management

15. Been studied for their benefits in this area. There is a study that has shown that drinking chamomile tea daily can prevent some possible diabetes complications.


16. Found in one study that the use of chamomile in combination ointment is effective in the treatment of hemorrhoids.


17. Reduces inflammation

Liver function

18. Believe that it improves liver function. There are a few classic herbal compositions that include chamomile, fennel, mint, Caraway and Valerian. Others include dandelions or milk thistle.

Menstrual cramps

19. It relieves menstrual cramps. The same study that showed a significant increase in their urinary heparate levels, also showed an increase in urinary glycine levels. Glycine is an amino acid proven it relieves muscle cramps, so it is believed that it works to relax the uterus, helping relieve menstrual cramps.


20. The use of chamomile in compresses and its application to wounds to accelerate the healing process was a method used by the Greeks, Romans and Egyptians. A study shows that recovery times are faster.

Chamomile tea – who should avoid it

1. Pregnant women or those who hope to become pregnant are better to avoid chamomile tea. It can increase the chance of spontaneous abortion / miscarriage because it acts as a uterus stimulator.

2. Some people may have an allergic reaction to it, and if you are already aware of a reaction to an aster, a chrysanthemum, a ragweed, a marigold or a chrysanthemum, belonging to the same family, it is better to avoid it. Can include allergic reactions anaphylaxis, an allergic reaction is very serious can cause death in some cases.

3. People with blood disorders or people who have been prescribed blood thinners should not drink chamomile tea and chamomile should be avoided in general. It can increase their chances of bleeding because it contains coumarin.

Some wonderful chamomile facts

Do you know which flower family belongs to chamomile?
Chamomile tea comes from matecaria recutita, part of the sunflower family.

Which beloved character in the children’s book drank chamomile tea?
Peter Rabbit’s mother gave him chamomile tea after he ate a lot of vegetables from Mr. MacGregor’s vegetable garden!

What are the two common types of chamomile?

Roman chamomile (Chamaemelum nobile) is also beneficial, although the majority of research has been conducted so far on German chamomile – teen reset.

Chamomile tea – my personal experience

Our bodies are truly amazing when we trust them and allow them to guide us to choose what our system needs. Don’t do it all the time, but when we do that, it might be surprising how quickly the vision improvements.

For example, I recently had a severe throat and chest infection, and although I have been a definite coffee addict for more years than I care to remember, I have started drinking chamomile tea. My body, which usually needs a strong injection of caffeine to start each day, was shocked by the idea of drinking coffee and wanted to drink chamomile tea.

Can I just say that chamomile tea helped me to recover? I definitely felt that there was some detoxification, but it is impossible to be sure. But I recovered exceptionally quickly and I was sick much calmer than if I were drinking coffee … That’s for sure. Now the plan is to continue drinking this wonderful fragrant tea