Gemstones Zodiac Astrology

Astrology and gemstones go hand in hand. In astrology, gemstones are often recommended according to the nature of your horoscope. It is generally believed that if you wear a gemstone according to your horoscope, you will gradually be able to overcome the obstacles and hazards in your life. Thus, the concept birthstone also came into existence. But only natural gemstones will be able to give you the desired results.

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Sometimes unhappy relationships or not getting success in any field can be the cause of imbalances in our horoscope. Wearing the right gemstones will be able to provide a successful career and a fulfilling life in terms of love and marriage. Gems have the ability to affect energy fields in a subtle way which emanates from every living thing. The pattern of energy in a natural gemstone affects the emotional as well as mental energies and at the same time promotes lasting changes.
Thus natural gemstones are used to increase efficiency or remove any deficiency that might be there in your horoscope. They can be divided into two types, hot and cold. Ruby, red coral, cat’s eye and diamond are considered to be hot stones while pearl, blue sapphire and gomed are the cold ones. These healing natural gemstones works by emanating a protective aura which the wearer will definitely not miss and has the ability to resist any kind of vibrations that might come from external sources.

Gemstones according to zodiac signs


    • Taurus: Emerald


    • Aries: Ruby


    • Gemini: Pearl


    • Aquarius: Diamond, Aquamarine


    • Cancer: Red Coral


    • Capricorn: Beryl


    • Leo: Emerald


    • Sagittarius: Amethyst


    • Scorpio: Blue sapphire


    • Libra: Diamond


    • Virgo: Yellow Sapphire


  • Pisces: Jade Aquamarine and diamond


Effects of gemstones

Gemstones function in two ways: spectrum effects and radioactive effects.Every gemstone has its own particular character, properties and abilities such as color, hardness, their crystal structures etc. These healing natural gemstones aids concentration as well proves to be beneficial for any business endeavor. You will have to know, understand and most importantly have faith in your gemstone to derive the maximum benefits out of it. But before that, try to match your gemstone according to your horoscope.